Welcome to Aetna Better Health of California

Thank you for choosing Aetna Better Health of California for your health coverage

Our focus is on helping you be healthy. Anytime you have questions, just call our Member Services department. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-855-772-9076, TTY 711. Member Services can help you:

  • Choose or change a Primary Care Provider (PCP)
  • Learn about all the services you have covered under managed care
  • Work together with your PCP to keep you well
  • Know your rights and responsibilities as an Aetna Better Health of California member
  • Learn about services in your area, and get help when you need it
  • Solve any questions or problems you may have with your care
  • Find your PCP’s office locations and office hours and make appointments
  • Understand our fraud and abuse policies and report any fraud and abuse you find

Ways to get involved as a member

Aetna Better Health wants to hear from you. Each year, we have meetings to talk about what is working well and how we can improve. Members are invited to attend. Join us and tell us what you think!

Aetna Better Health of California Community Advisory Committee

We have a group called Aetna Better Health of California Community Advisory Committee. This group is made up of Aetna Better Health member services and representatives from other departments, members, providers, and community agencies, community advocates, etc.  The group talks about how to improve Aetna Better Health policies, and will include topics such as:

    • Giving input about how Aetna Better Health can improve the medical care and our outreach plans  
    • Ways to improve member materials
    • Ways to improve communication and care for members who speak a primary language other than English
    • Ways to improve telephone services
    • Ways to help members use the emergency room and transportation

If you would like to be a part of this group, call 1-855-772-9076 TTY 711).
These are other ways members can get involved in their own care.

  • Use the member web portal to learn about ways to improve health
  • Use the member web portal to contact Aetna Better Health
  • Join focus groups and other community outreach programs
  • Join wellness programs that improve health and well being
  • Look for requests to join other Aetna Better Health committees
  • Join community activities

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