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Care in your home

Care in your home

Emcara Health’s doctors and nurses are focused on one thing: you. They take time to make sure you feel heard and valued. They can help you spot and treat small issues before they become more serious. This means less time at urgent care, the emergency room or the hospital. 


Your Emcara Health care team includes a:

  • Primary care doctor

  • Nurse practitioner

  • Registered nurse 

  • Community health worker

They can work with you by phone or in the home. And you’ll see the same providers every visit.

What can your Emcara Health care team help you with?

What can your Emcara Health care team help you with?

Your Emcara Health care team is here to help you with things, like:

  • Scheduling and managing your appointments with specialists and other doctors

  • Refilling your medications 

  • Preparing for upcoming tests and procedures  

  • Managing your health conditions 


They may also be able to help you with other things, like:

  • Behavioral health support

  • Getting rides for visits to other providers

  • Finding local resources and services 

  • Getting food and groceries

Making doctor’s visits easier

Start with Emcara Health today  


Want to get started or learn more? Just visit Emcara Health for more info. Or call 1-800-936-0238 (TTY/TDD: 1-800-967-1796)

*Note: If your plan includes them, standard copays for a visit with a medical doctor apply, whether in the doctor’s office or in
your home. But having the Emcara Health team provide valuable clinical services to you in your home does not add
any additional fees to your existing plan.

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