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Healthy Behaviors

Get rewards for focusing on your health with our Healthy Behaviors programs. You can earn these rewards when you reach goals for weight loss, quitting smoking, pregnancy care and more.


Just contact us. We’re here to help.

How to earn gift cards and more

How to earn gift cards and more

You and your family deserve to be as healthy as you can be. So we set up these rewards you can earn for meeting healthy goals. 


You can earn rewards like gift cards for each healthy goal you reach in our Healthy Behaviors programs. So it really does pay to take care of your health.

Manage your weight


Medicaid members:

  • Bluetooth fitness tracker: Complete 3 months in weight loss program
  • $20 gift card: After 6 months of meeting weight loss goals


Florida Healthy Kids (FHK) members:

  • Bluetooth fitness tracker: Sign up for weight management program
  • $20 gift card: After 3 months of weight management progress
  • $20 gift card: After 6 months of weight management progress

Quit substance use


  • $20 gift card: After 3 months alcohol- and drug-free 
  • $20 gift card: After 6 months alcohol- and drug-free

Quit nicotine


  • $20 gift card: Complete 3 months nicotine-free

  • $20 gift card: Complete 6 months nicotine-free

Teens and vaping

Teens and vaping

Vaping, also known as e-cigarette use, is an epidemic among children and teens in Florida. Vaping can harm your child’s body and brain. If you think your child is vaping and/or smoking, we can help. Just contact us to learn about programs that may help your child quit. 


Learn more about the health risks of vaping in this video.

Risks of vaping video transcript


IMAGE: Two teen boys sit side by side, facing away from the camera. A cloud of cigarette smoke comes into and out of the frame above them.

TITLE CARD: FACT: Vapes often contain nicotine just like cigarettes.

TITLE CARD: FACT: Nicotine can harm youth brain development.

TITLE CARD: FACT: This means vaping can harm your teen’s body and brain.

TITLE CARD: FACT: Vaping can be just as addictive as cigarettes.

TITLE CARD: Talk to your teens about the dangers of vaping.

TITLE CARD: Images of Florida KidCare Health & Dental Insurance logo and Aetna® logo


How to take part


Just call Member Services to join a Healthy Behaviors program. You can also ask to speak with a case manager. They can help you meet your health goals — and earn your rewards.


Did you reach one of your program’s goals?  Just call Member Services to get your reward.



Healthy Behaviors annual evaluation (PDF)

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