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How Medicaid from Aetna Better Health supports you and your family

By Aetna

Support. That's something I know a little about. I live with my mom and grandparents. Everyone is around to offer "support." But ever since I can remember, I've gotten support from CHIP, not a potato kind. It's a Medicaid health insurance plan for young people.

I have diabetes, and my grandpa, who also has Medicaid, has a heart condition. So we lean on Aetna Better Health for support like rides to doctor appointments, help with prescriptions, and we even get support from our care manager, Linda, who checks in on us all the time. Hey, Linda.

What do we have here?

I'm about to turn 19 -- happy soon-to-be birthday -- which means I won't be eligible for CHIP, but lucky for me, I can easily switch from my CHIP plan to another Aetna Better Health Medicaid plan to keep me covered.

If you're like me, make sure you call your state insurance program to find out if you're eligible for Medicaid, and they can help you enroll in Aetna Better Health. You can also check out Choose your state and look for the Become a Member section to find a link to your state's enrollment assistance website and their phone number.

I think that pretty much covers it. It's not your night at my house. Let's "taco" 'bout Medicaid later.

Get it?

Aetna Better Health can assist with the transition of members into the correct Medicaid health plan so that they don't lose coverage when hitting major milestones in their life.

Not yet a member?

See if Aetna Better Health® Medicaid coverage is available in your state.

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