Service Coordination

Service coordination can make your life easier

Some members have special health care needs and medical conditions. Our Service Coordination Unit will help you get the services and the care that you need. Our Service Coordinators can help you learn more about your condition. Our Service Coordinators will work with you and your provider to make a care plan that is right for you.

Our service coordination unit has nurses and social workers that can help you:

  • Create a plan based on your goals
  • Review your plan to make sure you do not have gaps in care
  • Consult with your doctors
  • Make & keep appointments
  • Verify that the right medicines and treatments are in place
  • Make sure you receive preventive care
  • Ensure you and your family have the support you need
  • Ask questions to make sure your home is safe
  • Find programs and services available in the community
  • Make sure you have support for behavioral health needs
  • Move your child from pediatric to adult care
  • Get the right care for your child’s special needs (including foster care, adoptive care and early intervention)
  • Transition to other care when your benefits end, if necessary

 If you need this kind of help from the Service Coordination Unit please call Member Services at 1-855-221-5656, (TTY: 711) and ask to be transferred to a service coordinator.