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View your Explanantion of Benefits (EOB)

Aetna Better Health of Kansas wants to help you find information about service you receive. Your provider will submit a claim to us when you receive services. 

Our website now includes details about those services. We call them an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). An EOB will let you know:

  • How and for what Aetna Better Health paid the claim
  • The date you got the services
  • The procedures done during the visit
  • The amount your provider billed for the services
  • If your claim is denied 

It will also let you know if you owe the provider any money for the services you received.

Starting October 1, 2019, when you visit the secure member portal, you will be able to see your EOBs. You will be able to see your EOBs for pharmacy, vision, dental, and other community-based services.

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