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The current KMAP Provider Secure Portal will no longer be available starting at 5:30 PM on March 31, 2022. A new Provider Secure Portal (URL) is being launched April 4, 2022 and only those who have registered for the new portal since December 6, 2021 will have access once it is launched. To stay updated on these changes, click here.

It is strongly recommended that you complete registration in advance of the transition to avoid interruption to your access and ensure any issues can be resolved promptly. Users may register after April 4th, but will not have access until the registration process is complete.

Providers must register to use the new KMAP Provider Secure Portal. The administrator must complete the registration before anyone with the provider organization will have access as a delegate.

This document will guide you through the registration process.


New KMMS Announcement Information

On 4/4/2022, KMAP will be transitioning to a new processing and payment system named the Kansas Modular Medicaid System (KMMS). This system will replace many key functions impacting Kansas Medicaid Providers. To stay updated on these changes, click here.

This resources below will guide you through the registration process.

Please visit these training guides prior to our launch on April 4, 2022 to be prepared for the exciting new features.

Together, we can improve health care quality

At Aetna Better Health of Kansas, we value our provider partners. We want to work with you to provide timely, safe and effective health care to our members. We are committed to making sure our providers receive the best and most recent information, along with the technology, tools, and resources necessary to ensure their success in providing care to our members.

Good communication among our providers and our plan administrators is key to the delivery of quality health care services to our members. Please don’t hesitate to contact us any time with any questions you have.

On this site, however, you’ll also find:

  • Information about clinical practices
  • The forms and resources you need
  • The latest provider news and notices

We invite our providers to join our provider advisory committees. Our committees meet quarterly, and consists of providers who serve Medicaid beneficiaries. We value your input, and your recommendations and participation can help us to improve our policies, operations, and our quality management activities. If you are interested in joining our advisory committees, please contact our Senior Network Managers listed below for more information.


Marc Madden



Ruth Clark


We're here to help. Our representatives are ready to respond to your questions in all areas including but not limited to:

  • Claims
  • Benefits
  • Authorizations
  • Eligibility
  • Forms & Provider Materials
  • Secure Web Portal Requests

Contact our Provider Experience Department at 1-855-221-5656 for more information.

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Urgent Questions, please contact Provider Experience at

1-855-221-5656 or


View our Provider Manual.

Multi-language interpreter services
English: To access language services at no cost to you, call 1-855-221-5656.
Spanish: Para acceder a los servicios lingüísticos sin costo alguno, llame al 1-855-221-5656.
Vietnamese: Để truy cập các dịch vụ ngôn ngữ miễn phí cho bạn, hãy gọi 1-855-221-5656.