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Payment policies

Aetna Better Health of Kansas regularly augments payment policies as part of an ongoing policy review processes. Stay informed of the latest changes.



CCR DRG Denial Letter (PDF)


Provider notification 11/17/23 (PDF)




Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation Policy


Ambulance Policy




Self Administered Drugs Policy


Orthopedic Policy


Gastrointestinal Capsule Imaging Policy


Drug and Biological Policy Processing and Policy Guidelines - National Drug Code (NDC)




Ultrasound Policy


Planned Cesarean Delivery Less than 39 Weeks of Gestation


Nail Biopsy Policy


Lab Path Genetic Testing Policy


Glucose Monitors Policy


COVID-19 Testing and Specimen Collection Policy


Anesthesia for Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Procedures




Rev Code Policy


Polysomnography Services


Hydration Therapy


EM Management


Duplicate Policy


DME Max Units Over Time


Diagnostic Imaging – 3D Rendering




Parenteral and Ambulatory Infusion Pumps


Anesthesia Modifier Policy


Food Thickener


Intrauterine Contraceptives Systems and Implants


Non-Covered DME Supplies


Psychotherapy and Electroconvulsive Therapy




Allergen Immunotherapy


Breast Pumps and Accessories


Canes and Crutches


Day Habilitation Services


Diagnosis Code Guidelines


Gene Analysis


Ophtalmeology Services






Diagnosis Code Guideline Policy – Laterality Policies


EM Services – Multiple Evaluation and Management Service on the Same Day


EM Services – New Patient Visits


Place of Service – Supplies and Equipment Provided in the Facility Setting




Add-on Clinical Policy


Diagnosis Code Guidelines Policy-ICD-10-CM Sequela (7th character "S") Codes


Manifestation Diagnosis Codes


Duplicate Claim Policy


Procedure Code Definition Policy

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