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Your opinion matters. Every year, we host meetings to talk about what’s working for us and what needs improvement. We’d love to have you attend. Join us and tell us what you think.

Join our Provider Advisory Committee (PAC)

Join our [Provider Advisory Group (PAG) / Provider Advisory Committee (PAC)]

Join our Provider Advisory Committee (PAC)

You can provide valuable feedback to help improve quality management activities and policy and operations changes. We work to ensure participation and representation from across the state. Our group meets regularly and includes providers who serve members with:


  • A Medicaid plan
  • Very low incomes
  • Special needs

Membership is representative of the network’s:


  • Specialty mix
  • Geographic locations
  • Provider ages/generations and genders
  • Experience levels
  • Advanced provider mix

Our purpose


The PAC aims to improve our plan’s performance by promoting:


  • Active provider involvement
  • Effective communication
  • Provider leadership development of health plan initiatives


To learn more about being an advisor, you can reach out to either Emily Lloyd or Angela Cummings. Or email Provider Experience.

Emily Lloyd

Angela Cummings

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