Bullying is Not OK

It’s normal for kids to sometimes play rough, fight and tease each other. But it’s not normal for one child to pick on another just because he or she is smaller, weaker or can’t fight back. A bully will pick on the same kid over and over again. The bully will try to scare and control the kid so he or she can get what he or she wants, whatever that is.

Keep an eye on your child

If your child looks anxious around the computer or cell phone, or is afraid to go to school, talk to him or her. Find out what’s going on, and who is doing it. It can be bullying in the playground, or bullying online.

Bullying online, whether on social media, email or by texting, is called cyberbullying. Stop the cyberbullying before it gets out of hand. Children have been harmed by cyberbullying. Don’t let that happen to your child.   



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention