Behavioral Health

Primary mental health services are basic mental health services provided by you as their PCP. If more than just basic mental health services are needed, you as their PCP can refer you to or you can call the Public Behavioral Health System at 1-800-888-1965 for specialty mental health services.

If you have a mental health or substance use problem call your PCP or Member Services at 1-866-827-2710, TTY 711.  Your PCP may treat you or may refer you to the Public Behavioral Health System. A range of behavioral health services are covered by the State's Behavioral Health System. You can access these services without a referral from your PCP by calling the Public Behavioral Health System at 1-800-888-1965.  This toll-free help line is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff members are trained to handle your call and will help you get the services you need. Behavioral health services include but not limited to:

  • Case Management
  • Emergency Crisis/Mobile Crisis Services
  • In-patient Psychiatric Services
  • Outpatient Mental Health Centers
  • Residential Treatment Centers

If the Public Behavioral Health System finds that you do not need a specialist to handle your behavioral health needs, your PCP (with your permission) will be informed so that you can receive any needed follow-up care.