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Prior authorization (PA)

Aetna Better Health® of Maryland requires PA for some outpatient care as well as for planned hospital admissions. PA is not needed for emergency care. A current list of the services that require authorization is available on ProPAT, our online prior authorization search tool.

Tips for requesting authorization

Tips for requesting authorization

A request for PA doesn’t count as a payment. Unauthorized services won’t be reimbursed. You can make requesting PA easier by:


  • Registering for the Provider Portal if you haven’t already

  • Verifying member eligibility prior to providing services

  • Completing the PA form (PDF) for all medical requests

  • Attaching supporting documentation when submitting 

How to request PA


Here are the ways you can ask for PA:


You can ask for PA through our secure Provider Portal.

By phone

You can ask for PA by calling us at 1-866-827-2710 (TTY: 711)

By fax

Download our PA form (PDF). Then, fax it to us at 1-855-661-1967. Please add any supporting material that can be used for the review. 

For more information

Consult your provider manual (PDF). Or call us at 1-866-827-2710 (TTY: 711).

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