Telehealth Services

TELADOC  a solution for you/ your child’s after hours medical needs.

A service with little or no wait time to see a doctor, at your convenience and with no travel time.

Aetna Better Health Better Health of Maryland is offering telehealth services in the state of Maryland to support our members with receiving healthcare services from in their provider’s office or at home if the member is hearing impaired. Telehealth is widely viewed as an effective care delivery alternative that can support and complement traditional face-to-face visits for both medical and behavioral care (e.g., face-to-face consultations, assessments or examinations).  Aetna Better Health of Maryland ‘s telehealth program seeks to improve our members’  health by permitting real-time interactive communication between the member, their primary care provider, care team or other skilled practitioner located at a distant site. Our telehealth program is designed and modeled on the state’s regulations in COMAR 10.09.49 which states: The purpose of providing medically necessary services via telehealth is to improve:(1) Access to outpatient specialty care and psychiatric services, thus reducing preventable hospitalizations and reducing barriers to health care access;, (2) Access to outpatient and inpatient psychiatric subspecialty consultation, thus improving diagnostic clarification, treatment recommendations, and planning for the individual; (3) Health outcomes through timely disease detection and treatment options; and (4) Capacity and choice for ongoing outpatient treatment in underserved areas of the State. The details of the state program are spelled out in the Maryland Medicaid Telehealth Program Telehealth Provider Manual found at

Aetna Better Health of Maryland Telehealth Provider Manual