Visit our Pharmacy webpage to learn more about Indian Health Service/Tribal/Urban Indian Health (I/T/U) Pharmacies, Long Term Care Pharmacies (LTC) and Home Infusion Pharmacies (HI).

The List of Covered Drugs and/or pharmacy and provider networks may change throughout the year. We will send you a notice before we make a change that affects you.

To find a provider or get more information about a provider, please use the provider search tool below. You can also call Aetna Better Health Premier Plan at 1-855-676-5772 to request a hard copy of the Provider & Pharmacy Directory.

The online Provider and Pharmacy Directory is updated at least every 30 days.

Still can't find the provider you want? Let us know. We welcome your nominations of new providers to join our networks. Please use the Provider Nomination Form to nominate a provider. You can also call Member Services.

Visit the Vision provider search to view your Aetna Better HealthSM Premier Plan Vision providers.

Visit Dental provider search to view your Aetna Better HealthSM Premier Plan Dental providers.

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Find behavioral health providers by Region/County below:

Region 4
Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, Van Buren counties

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health

General Information Line – 1-800-676-5814
24-Hour Behavioral Health Crisis Line – 1-800-675-7148

Region 7
Wayne County

Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority

General Information Line – 1-800-241-4949
24-hour Behavioral Health Crisis Line – 1-800-241-4949

Region 9
Macomb County 

Macomb County Community Mental Health 

General Information Line – 1-855-996-2264
24-hour Behavioral Health Crisis Line – 1-800-273-8255

If your provider leaves our Aetna Better Health Premier Plan network, we will contact you 30 days before the provider’s last day. We will also help you choose a new provider. The provider must continue to see you until their last day in our network.

The pharmacy search contains ALL pharmacy providers that are in the Aetna Better Health Premier Plan network. Please note that the pharmacy search may include some clinic pharmacies that will only fill your prescription if you are a patient at their clinic. Also, there may be some pharmacies providing certain specialty medications only. If you have questions, please call us at 1-855-676-5772 for more information.

Please note: all provider information contained on this website is subject to change. If you are looking for a specific provider and cannot find them online, or if the provider you are looking for does not appear to be accepting new patients, please call Member Services at 1-855-676-5772 (TTY 711), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits, List of Covered Drugs, and pharmacy and provider networks may change from time to time throughout the year and on January 1 of each year. Please contact the plan for more details.

Paper Directory for Medicaid providers.

Visit VSP is the Vision Care Provider for Aetna Better Health members.

Aetna Better Health of Michigan uses access standards to make sure you receive timely health care. Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) must comply with these standards for ensuring your access to care.
Your PCP must be on call 24 hour/day, 7 days/week. Your PCP must be there in person or arrange for another PCP to treat you. Your PCP must provide adequate staff to insure proper care. Your PCP must make an effort to schedule you based on the following:

  • Office Hours - PCP will be on hand at least 20 hours per-week at each primary care site for planned visits. Non-urgent calls must be returned within 24 hours.
  • Emergencies (plus emergent calls) - PCP will handle these at once or refer you to a hospital ER.
  • Urgent appointments - PCP will handle these the same day or refer you to an urgent care center. Urgent calls must be returned within 4 hours of the time of the call.
  • Routine appointments - Will be scheduled within 7-10 days of your request.
  • Health Assessments - Well care exams and physicals will be scheduled within 3 weeks of your request.
  • Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment - Visits and shots will follow standard guidelines and immunization schedules.


Ancillary 260
Hospitals 59
LTSS 588
PCPs 3,527
SNFs/LTC Facitilies 274
Specialists 4,269
Urgent Care Centers 8
Vision Care Providers 523
Dental Care Providers 268

Updated 3/27/17

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