Benefits & Services

We manage your covered benefits by:

  • Working with your provider to decide what care is needed
  • Deciding what care is covered

The health care provider you choose is your first point of contact for health care. This is the person you should call for most of your health care needs.

We contract with a select network of providers for your care. We check our providers and hospitals often to make sure you get the care you deserve. There may be times when you can’t get the care you need from an in-network provider. If this happens, you may need to go out of the network for the care. We must approve this first.

We only cover care or supplies that are medically needed. We decide medical need by looking at the accepted standards of care. We decide whether the care meets these standards.

Questions on out-of-network benefits? Just call our Member Services Department at 1-888-784-2693 (TTY: 711 or TDD: 1-800-833-0920) for more information.

Also, please read your Member Handbook. You’ll learn more about what benefits are covered. 

Dental services are covered, but not through Aetna Better Health. 

  • The Nebraska State Medicaid Program provides coverage for dental care.
  • You may need to pay up to $3 co-payment for dental services.

Contact the Nebraska Medicaid program for more information.  Just call 1-877-255-3092.

Behavioral health has to do with your mood and thoughts. You may be too sad or anxious to do what you usually do every day. You may have substance use disorders such as drinking or using drugs. 

The good news is that Behavioral Health/Substance Use Disorder benefits are available to you.  Aetna Better Health doesn’t cover these behavioral health disorders, but you can still get care.

  • You’re covered for these illnesses under Magellan Health Services.
  • You may have a $2 co-payment when you get care.

For more information, simply call 1-800-424-0333.

Aetna Better Health covers your vision care.  All services must be performed by a licensed Superior Vision optometrist or optician. For more information, call Superior Vision at 1-888-632-3937 (TTY: 711 or TDD: 1-800-833-0920).

Eye exams:

  • Members under age 21 may get one routine eye examination per year.
  • Members over age 21 may get one routine eye examination every two years.
  • Orthoptics (eye exercises) are limited to 22 sessions for members under age 21.

Eye Glasses:

  • Members may get one pair of frames and lens in each two- year period. (Coverage depends on certain guidelines.)
  • Any upgrades or add-ons are not covered.
  • Contact lenses for routine vision correction are not covered. 

You may have a $2 co-pay for these services.

Pharmacy services are covered, but not through Aetna Better Health.

  • The Nebraska Medicaid Program provides coverage for pharmacy services.
  • You may have a $2 co-payment for generic drugs or a $3 co-payment for brand-name drugs.

Questions? Just contact the Nebraska Medicaid program at 1-877-255-3092.

You have a $0 copayment for covered diabetic testing supplies and Durable Medical Equipment (DME).

Preferred Diabetic Meters and Strips: One Touch Meters (Ultra, Ultra Mini, Ultra Smart, Ultra 2, Ultra Link, Verio IQ, Verio Sync) and One Touch Strips (Ultra and Verio)

Do you need a ride to your appointment?

Aetna Better Health of Nebraska doesn’t provide routine medical transportation.  However, you can still get help through Intelliride. The Nebraska Medicaid Program will cover the cost. Here’s what you need to do:

  • If you need a ride, just call Intelliride at 1-844-531-3783
  • If you live in Omaha, you can call 402-401-6999 (TTY: 402-401-6998).
  • To make sure there’s a car and driver available, be sure to call Intelliride three days in advance
  • If you have special transportation needs, or need a handicap-accessible van, please let the operator know.

What information do I need to give when I call?

  • The street addresses of your pick-up and drop- off locations. That includes the city, zip code and telephone number.
  • If you have a Nebraska Medicaid ID number, please have it ready for the IntelliRide reservation specialist
  • For minors age 12 and under, give the name of the adult traveling with the child
  • Your provider needs to be within 20 miles of your home. Or, you may get a ride to the closest available provider.

How will I get to my appointment?

Depending on your needs, IntelliRide can offer you:

  • Mileage reimbursement for another person using their own vehicle to drive you to your appointment (family member, friend or neighbor)
  • Public transit (bus or train)
  • Commercial vehicle (taxi)
  • Wheelchair- lift vehicle
  • An escort
  • Commercial air, bus and train

If you have questions about what transportation there is and if you’re eligible, you can call IntelliRide at 1-844-531-3783. If you live in Omaha call 402-401-6999 (TTY: 402-401-6998).