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At Aetna Assure Premier Plus (HMO D-SNP), we're changing the way people in New Jersey get health care. We bring our national health care experience to our members’ communities. On this page, you’ll find resources for providers, administrators and health care professionals.

Getting started

Provider Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The Provider FAQ (PDF) is intended to be used for quick reference and may not contain all of the necessary information.


For detailed information, refer to the Aetna Assure Premier Plus (HMO D-SNP) Provider Manual (PDF).



Additional Provider Information

Here are some helpful links for providers who are new to our network:

What’s new?

Stay up-to-date with the latest provider news from Aetna Assure Premier Plus (HMO D-SNP). 


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About Aetna Assure Premier Plus (HMO D-SNP)

About Aetna Assure Premier Plus (HMO D-SNP)

We’re Aetna Assure Premier Plus (HMO D-SNP). We bring our national experience to you locally, ensuring you have the resources and tools you need to stay well. We see you as our ally in providing high-quality health care services to our members in the Aetna Assure Premier Plus (HMO D-SNP) plan. We provide our members with access to important health care services and programs. We designed this to be convenient for our members and providers.


Members must live in the state of  New Jersey.


Good communication among our providers and our plan administrators is key to the delivery of quality health care services to our members. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions you have. We look forward to a successful partnership that will benefit our most vulnerable members.

Working with us

Here are more helpful links for providers: 

Grievances, Disputes & Appeals

Learn more about filing a grievance, dispute or an appeal.


Learn how to submit and check the status of claims.

Prior authorization

Learn how to request prior authorization.

Quality management

Learn more about our quality management program and billing guide.

Need help?  We’ve got your back.

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