MLTSS care management

Aetna Better Health of New Jersey members who are eligible for MLTSS are assigned a care manager. You will receive care management services for as long as you stay on the MLTSS program. Your care manager will work with you, your representative or guardian (if applicable), and your doctor to help decide which services will best meet your needs.

Role of the MLTSS care manager

Our MLTSS care managers visit members where they live. The care manager will ask you about your health and care needs. You can have family and others present, if you wish them to participate in the visit from your care manager.

How often the care manager visits is based on where the member lives:

  • If the member lives in a nursing home, the care manager visits every six months.
  • If the member lives in an assisted‑living facility, the care manager visits every three months.
  • If the member lives in his or her own home or family home in the community, the care manager visits every three months.

Any time you need a service, call your care manager right away for assistance or to schedule a face‑to‑face assessment.

If your care manager is not visiting you as often as shown above, please call us immediately at 1-855-232-3596, TTY 711 and we will help.

Once the care manager gets information about your health and care needs, the care manager will talk to you about how best to meet your needs. Remember that MLTSS  helps adds to the care that you are already receiving. It’s never meant to replace or take away the involvement of family and others who might be helping you.

Your care manager will never make you move to any setting against your wishes. We will always work with you to live in the setting that will meet your needs. If you want to move to an assisted‑living or nursing home, your care manager will help you. If you want to stay at home, we will gladly work to find services and supports to meet your needs.

Once it is decided on what MLTSS you need, your care manager takes care of setting up these services. You should see your doctor for other health care needs. If you need assistance in getting access to other health care services, you can ask your care manager to help you.