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Prescription monitoring program

New Jersey’s prescription monitoring program (NJPMP)

The NJPMP is a statewide electronic database that collects prescription data from pharmacies on controlled dangerous substances (CDS) and human growth hormones (HGH) that are dispensed in or into New Jersey. 

Goals of the program

Goals of the program

The NJPMP was established pursuant to N.J.S.A. 45:1-45 et. seq. (PDF), with the goal of tracking and controlling the volume of prescription-dispensed drugs subject to abuse. This database is updated daily and grants access to New Jersey-licensed prescribers and pharmacists who are in good standing with their respective boards.

Register for NJPMP

Prescribers are highly encouraged to access the NJPMP to gain a better understanding of their patients’ drug history. The NJPMP is also used to mitigate the risk of potential abuse or fraud by individuals who obtain prescriptions from multiple providers.


Register for access to the NJPMP

Prescriber requirements

Prescribers are required to access the NJPMP for a patient:1


  • The first time they prescribe any Schedule II medication or opioid for acute or chronic pain, or a Schedule III or IV benzodiazepine
  • Every three months thereafter, if continuing to prescribe one of the above
  • Any time the patient appears to be seeking CDS for any purpose other than the treatment of an existing medical condition (e.g., misuse, abuse or diversion)
  • If the practitioner believes that the person may be seeking a controlled dangerous substance, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than treatment of an existing medical condition

Contact NJPMP






Jeffrey D. Laszczyk, Jr., PharmD
NJPMP Administrator
P.O. Box 47014
Newark, New Jersey 07101

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