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We want to help you be (and stay) healthy. And we want to make sure you are getting the care and service you deserve. So, in addition to your benefits, there are a few other things you need to know about your health plan.

To find help with community resources such as financial assistance, food pantries, and medical care, contact Findhelp.

Optimizing Pregnancy Outcomes

ODM has several programs available to providers, healthcare workers and patients, including Prematurity Prevention (Progesterone) Project. This project’s goal is the prevention of preterm birth through the use of progesterone treatment. In support of this and other programs, providers and other healthcare workers can complete a Pregnancy Risk Assessment Form (RPAF 2.0) and can find more information on the PRAF 2.0. Aetna encourages providers to complete and submit the form to assist pregnant women in maintaining Medicaid eligibility and connecting to needed services and supports (e.g., home visiting)

You can find further best practices and current programs.