Picture of Cora RV

Meet Cora and be healthy

We would like you to meet Cora! Cora is the name of our new mobile health & wellness RV! Cora’s name is short for Corazón, which means heart in Spanish. Cora wants to help you keep your heart healthy by being active and eating right!

When it comes to your health, we want to meet you where you are. That’s why we’re bringing Cora to you. That’s right; Cora may be coming to your town soon! Just check the schedule below.

Cora is where you can go to learn about living healthy. At Cora, you can learn how:

  • to eat healthy on a budget
  • to set health goals
  • to achieve your health goals
  • to do more healthy activities

At Cora you’ll also enjoy healthy and fun activities like:

  • a healthy smoothie bar
  • physical challenges and video games
  • health screenings like Body Mass Index (BMI) screening

You can learn that being active and eating right can be easy. Come meet Cora at one of our community  events to find out how! Cora will be visiting community centers, health fairs and festivals across Pennsylvania.

For the safety of our members, community partners and friends, we have had to cancel or postpone many events due to the Covid-19 crisis though May, 2020. Check back again soon to discover ways you can join us in the community.”

** Indicates a CORA event

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