Special needs unit

Our special needs unit helps members who have special health care needs and medical conditions. Special needs include, but aren't limited to:

  • Adults or children with ongoing physical, developmental, emotional or behavioral disabilities or conditions
  • Adults and children who are homeless
  • Children in substitute care and juvenile probation
  • Adults and children with HIV/AIDS
  • Adults or children that have language, communications or mobility needs
  • Adults or children that need to be accompanied or assisted while seeking or receiving care by an individual

Learn more out our Special Needs Unit in this brochure.

Also, if you or someone in your family is 18 years or older and are identified as "medically fragile" by your medical provider, call one of our case managers. Our case managers can help you transition from pediatric to providers to adult providers. You can “try out” adult providers while continuing to see you pediatric provider. Our goal is to ease the stress of transitioning to an adult medical provider. 

Call Member Services to speak to a case manager. Or, call the Special Needs Unit directly at 1-855-346-9828. We can help you with your special health care and early intervention needs.

Members Services is available at:

  • 1-866-638-1232, TTY PA Relay 7-1-1 (Medical Assistance)
  • 1-800-822-2447, TTY 1-800-628-3323 (CHIP)