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Electronic visit verification (EVV)

EVV is a phone and computer system that verifies service visits for STAR Kids members. It’s like an electronic time sheet for agencies that provide home care services.

Why do we use EVV?

The EVV system helps us to prevent fraud. It helps verify time for services you may receive from a home care agency, such as:     


  • Personal attendant services
  • Private-duty nursing services
  • In-home respite care
  • Flexible family support services

The EVV system is simple, cost free and won’t affect the services you receive. 

How does EVV work?

How does EVV work?

Your home care provider uses your landline phone to call a toll-free number each time they start and finish services. This helps to ensure you get all the services you agreed on.


If you don’t have a landline, your home care agency can install a device that records:


  • Type of service
  • Person receiving the service
  • Date and time service starts and ends
  • Location of service
  • Person providing the service
  • Any other info needed to ensure proof of service


Is EVV required?


Yes, using EVV is required. All agencies providing home care services must use it.

EVV materials and resources


You can learn more about the EVV system at these links: 


Complaints and appeals about EVV


EVV member rights and responsibilities


HHSC member letter (PDF)


EVV employer’s selection form


EVV employer phone number request form (PDF)


Telephone types acceptable for EVV use — English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)


STAR Kids member handbook — English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)


Consumer directed services (CDS) option


The CDS option allows you to make choices about the care and services you want, and who should provide them. To learn more about CDS, just visit the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) website. From there, you can download the CDS option video. Or you can watch the video on YouTube.

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