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Texas Health Steps

We help members get the preventive care they need. This includes covered medical and dental checkups until age 20. To learn more, you can check out the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual on the Texas Health Steps website

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Just contact us. Or check out your provider manual (PDF).

What is Texas Health Steps?

What is Texas Health Steps?

Members who qualify for Texas Health Steps get no-cost checkups from birth to age 20. Their dental checkups are covered starting at 6 months of age. These visits are essential because doctors can treat any symptoms before they get worse. Regular visits can often help prevent health issues before they start. 

When should a member see their doctor?

When should a member see their doctor?

A new member should get a checkup within 90 days of enrollment.


An existing member:


  • 3 years old and over should get their checkup every year until their 20th birthday

You can learn more about the program on our Texas Health Steps member page

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