Flu Shots

Who needs a flu shot? You do.

The flu can spread quickly and can be very serious. All adults, children, and babies six months of age and older should get a flu shot. Your doctor can tell you what’s right for you or your child.

Get your flu shot today. It’s free.

Some people are at high-risk for complications from the flu

It’s especially important that you get a flu shot if you:

  • Have a chronic condition, like asthma, diabetes, or lung disease.
  • Are pregnant.
  • Are 65 years of and older.
  • Live in a nursing home.
  • Are a caregiver or are in close contact with people with chronic conditions.

It’s easy to get your flu shot. Just go to your doctor’s office or clinic. Adults* can also get a flu shot at most retail pharmacies in our network. Check the CVS pharmacy locator for a pharmacy near you. Make sure your local pharmacy is giving flu shots before you go. Flu shots are free.

Important note: Pharmacies cannot give the flu shot to children under nine years of age. Your child can still get a flu shot, though. Just make an appointment with your child’s doctor. They can also get the flu shot when they have a well child checkup.

*Members over 19 or 21 years of age, depending on the plan

The flu virus is always changing. If you got a flu shot last year, it won’t protect you this year. Getting a flu shot every year gives you the best protection against the flu.

Can the flu shot give me the flu?

The flu shot cannot give you the flu. The flu shot is made from an inactivated flu virus. It is not enough to give you the flu.

Does the flu cause autism?

No. There is no link between the flu shot and autism. You cannot get autism from getting a flu shot.

Do I really need to get a flu shot every year?

Yes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that everyone should get the flu shot every year. This is because the flu changes every year.

If you smoke cigarettes, or are in a high-risk group, you may need extra protection. You may need a one-time shot to prevent pneumonia, as well as your flu shot. People with certain conditions, like sickle cell disease or HIV, also should get a pneumonia shot. Talk to your doctor. Ask if a pneumonia shot is right for you.