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Dental care

A healthy smile is linked to a healthy body. So you’ll want to see your dentist every six months. Just be sure to show your member ID card at every visit.


Dental benefits

Dental benefits

We work with Liberty Dental to provide adults and children with dental and oral health care. You don’t need a referral to see a dentist in the network. And you can change your dentist or dental group any time during treatment.


For adults


Adults (ages 21+ for Medicaid and ages 20+ for CHIP) can get covered services, including:


  • Check-ups (twice a year)
  • Cleaning (every six months)
  • X-rays (once a year)
  • Dental restorative services (fillings, implants and crowns), with a $1,000 annual limit (Medicaid members)


For children


Children (under age 20) can get covered services, including: 


  • Check-ups (twice a year)
  • Cleaning (every six months)
  • X-rays (once a year)


You can find a dentist: 

Help for dental emergencies

Help for dental emergencies

Just call your dentist. Go to the emergency room for medical emergencies when your life is in danger.


Find a dentist in emergencies


Is your dentist office closed? Or maybe you don’t have a dentist? To find a dentist, just call Liberty Dental at 1-800-267-6610 (TTY: 711). 


For emergency dental care, you can see any dentist. They don’t have to be in the network. You don’t need a referral or approval for emergencies.


Types of dental emergencies


Some examples are: 


  • A broken natural tooth
  • A lost filling or crown
  • A permanent tooth is knocked out
  • Very bad pain in the gum around a tooth 
  • Mouth or face swelling or infection

Special Settings

Sometimes people need to be in a hospital setting or surgical center for dental care. This may happen for:


  • People with special health care needs
  • Children under age 5

If your dentist can’t provide this service, you can call Liberty Dental at 1-800-267-6610 (TTY: 711). 


They can help you find a dentist and arrange your care.

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