Member Benefits

It’s important you know what Aetna Better Health of Michigan covers and which services require prior authorization. Please take a moment to check our provider manual before you order lab work or screening tests, schedule a surgery or prescribe medication.

Download the Aetna Better Health Provider Manual.

Additional Benefits

Visit our Member Benefits page to learn more.

We offer additional benefits to help our members lead healthier lives -- at no cost to them. Visit our benefits page to learn more. These additional benefits include:

  • Comprehensive dental
  • Hearing services
  • OTC supplies
  • Podiatry care
  • Smoking cessation with gum/patch
  • Weight management

Accessing Behavioral Health Services

Healthy Michigan Plan (MHP) Health Risk Assessment

HMP beneficiaries enrolled in a health plan under the Medicaid program. MDHHS has instituted the use of a standard Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for this population which providers are encouraged to complete.

The beneficiary and provider each have separate sections to complete on the HRA:

  • Beneficiaries are encouraged to complete sections 1-3 of the HRA and to contact their primary care provider (PCP) within 60 days of enrollment to schedule an appointment.
  • Practitioners are instructed to complete section 4 (pages 4-5) of the HRA within 150 days of member enrollment, and annually thereafter.

Member Rights