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New York State Department of Health EVV Notice and Survey

EVV Overview and Next Steps

All personal care and home health service providers, please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey so we can understand where you are at with EVV.

Aetna Better Health of New York FIDA will no longer be part of the FIDA program effective January 1, 2018.

Aetna Better Health of New York participants will have access to covered benefits through December 31, 2017, or through their disenrollment date, if earlier. For more information about the FIDA program, you can call New York State Medicaid Choice at 1-855-600-3432 (TTY 1-888-329-1541). Providers should continue to bill for covered services rendered for eligible dates of service.

Update to Collection Remittance

Currently, if a claim has been adjusted resulting in a negative balance (for longer than 30 days), we send a collection letter once per month through the mail. This letter details the claims detail that created the negative balance, along with any offsetting claims, with the monthly collection advice. The collection advice summary indicates the amount of refund we are requesting.

Beginning November 1st, 2020 these letters and claim detail are available for providers to review 24/7 via our secure Provider Portal. The claims detail will continue to be mailed for approximately 6 months and then distributed through the provider portal.