Vision benefits

March Vision Care provides your eye care benefits. To see an eye doctor in the network, you do not need a referral. Providers are family eye doctors, retail chains and even mall spots with evening and weekend hours. Please note that this search displays all providers. You eligible to visit only providers who have Medicaid listed under the provider name column.

Your covered services include:

  • One routine eye exam each year.
  • One pair of glasses each year every two years for adults, one pair of glasses every year for members under age 21.
  • Medically necessary contact lenses.
  • Replacement glasses for members ages 19 and 20 as needed. This includes lenses and frames.
  • Replacement lenses for members ages 21 and older, when medically necessary.
  • One replacement pair of glasses each year if the first pair of glasses is lost or broken beyond repair, for members ages 21 and older.

If you have questions about eye care, call March Vision Care at 1-888-493-4070. To find a March Vision provider, visit