Is it an Emergency?

How do you know when you need to go to the emergency room or when it’s something that can wait for your doctor?

See your doctor or go to urgent care if you:

  • Run out of medicine
  • Have questions about your medicine
  • Have an earache, cough or cold
  • Have a small cut, burn or bruise
  • Need shots
  • Have a cough but no wheezing
  • Need a note for work

Go to the emergency room if you:

  • Have a hard time breathing 
  • Have serious chest pain
  • Are choking
  • Are bleeding seriously
  • Are suddenly unable to move or speak 
  • Are passing out (fainting)
  • Hit your head and pass out 
  • Are poisoned 
  • Have deep cuts or serious burns 
  • Are attacked (by a person or an animal) 
  • Have broken bones, or sudden serious pain and swelling in a joint
  • Are thinking of hurting yourself or someone else
  • Have an asthma attack