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Keep your information

Keeping your details up to date in our directories helps members find the right information about you and your practice. This also helps ensure that you receive timely payment, communications, reminders and more. Need to update your information? Just email Provider Relations to let us know about the requested change.

Why keep current?

Why keep current?

Connect with members

Help our members find you and connect with you for the care they need.


Get paid faster

Avoid claims payment delays when we have all your correct information on file.


Stay accurate

Ensure current and future members have the right information about your practice.  

Tax identification number (TIN)

You don’t need to fill out a new application if you’re:


  • An existing contracted provider updating your tax ID number (TIN)
  • Adding another location under a different TIN

Just complete these steps:


After you send us your materials and information, we’ll process the change or contact you for more details.


If you don’t receive a confirmation email for the change, contact your network consultant. Check this provider relations contact list (PDF) to learn more.

You can end or change your participation in the network

Depending on how you’re contracted with Aetna Better Health®, we’ll either end your individual contract or your participation from a group agreement. You can contact your network consultant if you’re ending your contract for any of these reasons: 


  • Moving to a new state

  • Changing your group participation within the same address 

  • Retiring 

  • Provider deceased  

  • No longer employed  


You or the requestor will need to have this information ready: 


  • Requestor’s first and last name 

  • Requestor’s title (example: office manager) 

  • Requestor’s email address 

  • Provider’s first and last names, and middle initial

  • Address (including city, state and ZIP code) 

  • TIN

  • National provider identifier (NPI) number 

  • Aetna® provider ID number (if known)

  • Termination effective date 

  • Reason for termination 



If you need to contact the state, your network consultant will notify you and give you the contact information. 

Validate provider data

It is important to Aetna Better Health of Florida and your patients that your provider directory demographics are accurate. In support of NCQA, federal, and CMS regulations and standards, Aetna Better Health of Florida requires participating providers to visit our Provider Online Directory at each calendar quarter to validate the accuracy of your practice information.

Actively managing the accuracy of provider data is critical to ensuring our members can access medical care. Incorrect information within provider directories can lead to confusion and frustration for members and providers. Without consistently checking the information through provider data validation, inaccuracies can grow, and this can become a significant barrier in accessing care.


ABH FL Provider Data Validation


Accurate data matters

Keeping your practice data up to date through Aetna Better Health of Florida’s online Provider Data Change Form is essential to ensuring member satisfaction, appropriate referrals, appointment availability, and accurate and timely claims processing.


Please complete the Provider Data Change Form (PDCF) for each practitioner in your practice that requires changes and only fill out the fields that require changes in the system.


ABH FL Provider Data Change Form



You can contact us. We’re here to help.

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