How to enroll:
If you would like to enroll in Aetna Better Health, call us at 1-855-456-9126.

Aetna Better Health is a NYS Medicaid Plan. To enroll, you must be eligible for or currently receiving NYS Medicaid. Your enrollment with Aetna Better Health will not affect your Medicare. You will be able to keep your medical doctors as well as laboratory, pharmacy and hospitalization services as covered by Medicare. Fee-for-service Medicaid will apply for coordinated services. Your care manager will help you coordinate these services and will answer any questions you have.

Aetna Better Health does not discriminate or limit enrollment based on your health status, a change in your health status or the cost of services you need.

To enroll:

  1. Call us to schedule an appointment. You or someone on your behalf (like a family member or provider) can call 1-855-456-9126.
  2. Our staff will explain our services in detail.
  3. If you think you may want to enroll in Aetna Better Health, we will have one of our assessment nurses visit you in your home. The nurse will tell you more about the care and services we provide. The nurse will also help you fill out forms that are needed to enroll with the health plan. These forms include:
    • Authorization for nursing assessment. This allows our nurse to complete your assessment.
    • Enrollment Agreement. This is a form you sign if you decide to enroll in Aetna Better Health.
    • Enrollment Form. This is a form where we collect basic information about you.
  4. During the home visit, our registered nurse will complete an assessment. The assessment lets us know the type of care you need based on your health and ability to do everyday activities. During this visit we will:
    • Determine if you are eligible to join the program
    • Look at your home to see what help you may need
    • Review the member handbook in detail, including your rights and responsibilities
    • Develop a proposed care plan with you and anyone else involved in your care, such as family members
    • Review the Provider Directory

If you are interested in enrolling and you qualify to become an Aetna Better Health member, you or your representative must:

  1. Complete the enrollment application and the Medicaid application, if needed.
  2. Sign the Enrollment Agreement.
  3. Sign the proposed care plan to show you agree.

We will submit your application to New York State Medicaid, if needed.

Your application for Medicaid will be reviewed, and your enrollment into the Medicaid program will be submitted to New York Medicaid Choice, the state’s enrollment broker. The New York City Human Resources Administration (NYC HRA) or the Local Department of Social Services (LDSS) in Nassau or Suffolk County will determine your Medicaid eligibility.

Your Aetna Better Health coverage becomes effective on the effective date of your enrollment in the Aetna Better Health Plan. Enrollment in Aetna Better Health is voluntary. If you have questions about our plan or enrollment, you can call Member Services at 1-855-456-9126. You can call whether you are already an Aetna Better Health member or not.

If you are new to Aetna Better Health and are getting an ongoing course of treatment from a provider who is not in our network, you may continue the treatment for up to 90 days from the day you enroll in Aetna Better Health. To continue the treatment your provider must:

  • Accept Aetna Better Health's payment rate (or the New York State Medicaid rate for certain provider types based on New York state policy)
  • Adhere to Aetna Better Health's policies, including quality assurance
  • Participate in Aetna Better Health's quality assurance program
  • Provide medical information about the care to Aetna Better Health 

Services will begin the first day of the month after your enrollment application is approved.