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Provider Portal

In 2021, Aetna Better Health® / Medicaid is transitioning from the Medicaid Web Portal (MWP) to Availity as our Provider Portal. During that time, you’ll be able to access both portals. To register, follow the steps on this page. 

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You can sign into the:


Availity Provider Portal


Medicaid Web Portal

Dates to know about Availity

In mid-January 2021, we’ll start using the Availity Provider Portal. Here are the dates you’ll be able to use certain features of Availity:

Already using Availity?

Already using Availity?

Just log in with your regular credentials and choose Aetna Better Health from your list of payers. This allows you to start using the portal and all its features. The portal tools inside make all your admin work as easy as possible.


New to Availity? 


If you’re new to Availity, you’ll want to register right away. Just click “Register now” to get started. You can get training once you log in.


Register now


Learn about Availity portal registration


Get training on Availity


Need help with registration? Just call Availity at 1-800-282-4548. They can help from 8 AM to 8 PM ET, Monday through Friday (except for holidays).


Medicaid Web Portal

If you’ve already registered for the Medicaid Web Portal, you can log in here. If you’re new to the portal, you can download the registration form (PDF). Then you can send it to us by:



You can fax your form to us at 1-855-454-5584.



You can mail your form to us at:


Aetna Better Health of Kentucky 
9900 Corporate Campus Drive 
Suite 1000 
Louisville, KY 40223



You can email us your registration form.