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SKY program

Aetna Better Health® of Kentucky is proud to serve all youth in Kentucky's child welfare and juvenile justice systems. We’ll provide training materials and support to help you understand how this program works. And we’ll show you some valuable info and tools to help you take care of SKY members. You can get started by downloading the SKY companion guide (PDF).

Provider network

Provider network

The Aetna® provider network is designed to support the complex needs of SKY members beyond traditional facilities, clinics and providers. It also includes community advocates, peer support, specialty pharmacies and family/caregivers. Our network of hospitals and specialists, including both physical and behavioral health providers, serves as the foundation to meet the needs of SKY members.


Aetna manages SKY Medicaid benefits by: 


  • Maintaining a list of providers and facilities adequate to deliver all covered services
  • Ensuring every SKY member has a primary care physician (PCP) to serve as their medical home
  • Ensuring every SKY member has a dental provider to coordinate all dental care needs
  • Providing dedicated call center staff who understand the SKY program and can answer questions about benefits and services

We also assign all SKY members to a care coordination team tailored to their needs. The team can help them and their caregivers, DCBS workers, DJJ workers, adoptive parents and parents navigate the health care system.

System of care

We help members get the care they need with a circle of support teams. Our approach includes a full spectrum of effective, community-based physical, behavioral and oral health care treatment services. We also provide a variety of psychosocial services and supports. If you need help getting prior authorization (PA) for a service, you can visit our PA page.


The SKY program offers enhanced benefits to support members, including:

Enhanced care coordination

A care coordination team will be assigned to each SKY member to ensure access to primary care, behavioral health services, dental care, specialty care, wraparound services and social support services.

Bonus benefits

In addition to the standard Medicaid health benefits, the SKY program provides extra bonus benefits like free laptops and cell phones, wireless plans, personal items and more. SKY members may also qualify for Aetna bonus benefits.

24/7 support

We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for SKY members: 1-855-620-3924 (TTY: 711).

Provider training

We offer special training to providers serving SKY members. We’ll help you understand how to serve our members receiving adoption assistance or in the DJJ. Please reach out to our SKY Provider Relations Team with any questions.

Join our SKY network

The SKY program is focused on engaging SKY members and their networks of support. We appreciate the importance of your established relationships with SKY youth. We’d like to help you maintain them so these members can still access the extra supports and services that SKY offers.  


Learn more about how you can become a network provider.  


Join our network


Thank you to all our contracted providers. If you’re already enrolled with Aetna Better Health of Kentucky, SKY members will still be able to see you. We encourage you to get to know the personalized case management and bonus benefits that we‘ll be offering your patients. And we look forward to working with you in the future.

Have a question?

You can call Provider Relations at 1-855-300-5528 (TTY: 711).

And check out our upcoming local events.

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