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Your opinion matters. Every year, we host meetings to talk about what’s working for us and what needs improvement. We’d love to have you attend. Join us and tell us what you think.

Aetna Provider Partnership Program (AP3)

The AP3 group reviews, monitors and assesses our policies, practices and potential innovations relative to provider partnerships. The group aims to reduce administrative burden and implement efficiencies, mainly for the benefit of our provider network.


The AP3 is made up of:


  • Provider representatives in three external workgroups

  • Health plan staff in one internal workgroup 


The external workgroups provide a forum for provider groups and their office staff to highlight areas of administrative burden when working with us. They also suggest ideas that would make their practices more efficient based on their findings. 


The internal workgroup includes representatives from all health plan departments that interact directly or indirectly with providers.

More about external workgroups

Practice Management Advisory Council (PMAC)


The PMAC includes providers and office staff from primary care physician (PCP) and specialist groups. Network relationship managers manage this workgroup.


Ancillary Provider Management Advisory Council (APMAC)


The APMAC includes provider and office staff representatives from these types of providers: 


  • Durable medical equipment

  • Chiropractor

  • Home health

  • Laboratory and toxicology

  • Medical supplies

  • Skilled nursing facilities

Behavioral Health Management Advisory Council (BHMAC)


The BHMAC includes providers and office staff from these types of providers: 


  • Community mental health centers

  • Behavioral health service organizations

  • Psychiatric residential treatment facilities


We encourage each workgroup to identify areas of administrative burden and find ways to reduce it. Providers that join the AP3 take part in the group for at least one year. 

Share your voice

If you’d like to take part, just call 1-855-300-5528 (TTY: 711) to ask for a selection form. Or email Provider Relations.

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