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Do I qualify for Medicaid?

Understanding Medicaid can be tricky. But we’re here to walk you through the whole process. The first step is to see if you qualify. Just visit the kynect benefits website and use their prescreening tool. 

What is Medicaid? 

What is Medicaid? 

It’s a government program that provides free health care for millions of Americans. Aetna Better Health® is a managed care organization (MCO) taking part in Kentucky Medicaid. An MCO is the health plan that provides your benefits. MCOs provide health coverage and standard benefits. See what makes us different. People who qualify for Kentucky Medicaid are covered for many benefits and services, including:   

  • Preventive care  
  • Vision   
  • Medications  
  • Disease management   
  • Behavioral health services  
  • Foster care services 

Who does Medicaid cover? 

Who does Medicaid cover? 

We serve every county in Kentucky. We cover people who live in Kentucky and fit into one or more of these groups:   


  • People with low incomes  
  • Pregnant women  
  • People who are blind or disabled or those with a spouse in their household who is blind or disabled
  • Current and former foster care members 
  • Children dually committed to the Department for Community Based Services and the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Children 18 and under who are eligible due to being in an out-of-state relative placement
  • Children and youth who are receiving interstate adoption assistance

You can use the prescreening tool on the kynect benefits website to see if you’re eligible.  

SKY program


Supporting Kentucky Youth (SKY) program 
We help past and present foster care members get more benefits. We also help kids in the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Community Based Services. Our goal is to help them get the care they need. You can learn more about the SKY program. And see if you’re eligible.

Learn more about the SKY program

What’s next? 

If you qualify for Kentucky Medicaid, choose Aetna Better Health of Kentucky as your health plan. Visit our “How to apply” page.  And we’ll help you get started. 

Have a question?

If you need help, you can call Member Services at 1-855-300-5528 (TTY: 711).

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