For providers

Provider Contact Information

Corporate Office

9900 Corporate Campus Drive

Suite 1000

Louisville, KY 40223


Provider Services:                            Behavioral health Crisis Hotline

1-855-300-5528                                 1-888-604-6106

Available 7am –                               

7pm est. Mon -Fri                          


Prior Authorization:

Medical (P) 1– 888-725-4969 (F) 1-855-454-5579

Behavioral Health (P) 1-855-300-5528 (F)1-855-301-1564

Pharmacy (P) 1-866-452-5017 (F) 1-855-799-2550


Claims address:                                Appeals and Grievances

PO Box 65195                                    PO Box 81040 – 5801 Postal Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85085-5195                     Cleveland, OH 44181


Dental / Vision                                  Radiology (eviCore)

1-855-214-6776                                 1-888-693-3211


To find the contact information for your Network Manager, please click the link below.

Network Relations Contact Information & Coverage Areas


Other Website & Links

Center Care:

Department of Medicaid Services:

Cabinet for Health and Family Services:


Prior Authorization Requirements

Services Requiring Authorization

Prior authorization is the process for authorizing the non-emergency use of facilities, diagnostic testing, and other health services before care is provided. For a comprehensive and current listing of authorization requirements, please click here.


Members’ Rights and Responsibilities

Aetna Better Health of Kentucky members, both adults and children, have specific rights and responsibilities, to view these rights and responsibilities please click here.