Community-based strategy

Aetna Better Health brings to Ohio a community-based strategy of care management. We do this in a variety of ways.

By contracting with local physicians, hospitals, and medical services, Aetna Better Health provides services where enrollees live. Our members can remain in their communities to receive their medical care.

We contract with transportation for our members to go to provider offices when needed to access health care.

Care management staff is located throughout the service area to enable them to meet the needs of the members, close to their homes.

Our goal as we build our network is to have primary care providers within a 30-minute drive time for members. We believe this gives us the best opportunity to provide adequate selection and location of these providers. We strive to contract with at least two hospitals in each of the counties in the service area, and more as the need exists. Many of our healthcare material suppliers, such as durable medical equipment and medical supplies, deliver to the member’s place of residence, educating them on their use. We also offer a mail-order pharmacy service for members who use medications to control chronic conditions.

We believe these strategies serve to make Aetna Better Health of Ohio part of the community.