Money Follows the Person

The Money Follows the Person Demonstration (MFP) is a special program to assist you in moving from a long term care facility (nursing home or state hospital) to a residential setting in the community, such as:

  • A home owned or leased by you or your family
  • An apartment with an individual lease that includes living, sleeping, bathing, and cooking areas
  • A residence in which 4 or fewer unrelated individuals live (such as adult family care or shared apartment)

For you to participate in the MFP program, you must:

  • Have lived in a long-term care facility for at least 3 months
  • Be both Medicaid and MLTSS eligible prior to discharge
  • Have health needs that can be met through services available in the community
  • Voluntarily consent to participation by signing a consent form

The MFP program will assist you in transitioning from a long-term care facility by providing:

  • Information to help you make an informed choice regarding transition and participation in the MFP program
  • Support to transition and help in arranging services in the community
  • After you leave the facility, regular phone calls and visits from your care manager to make sure your move is satisfactory and your needs are being met

The MFP program will assist you with locating a place to live and in arranging for medical, rehabilitative, home health or other services you may need in the community.

For additional information about MFP call your care manager or call our MLTSS member services at 1-855-232-3596, TTY 711.