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Helping members thrive

As part of our total approach to health, we’re committed to helping members get the care they need when they need it. That means connecting them with the providers and resources that will help them the most, both at and away from the doctor’s office.

Our members

Our members

At Aetna Better Health®, we want our members to get the most from their Medicaid plans. We know they have unique health needs, which is why we offer a wide range of plans designed for:

  • Pregnant mothers and their babies
  • Children up to age 19, including foster and adoptive children
  • Adults and children living with disabilities or other serious health conditions
  • People who need help to live independently
  • Seniors who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid

Putting members first

Our members are our top priority. That is why we:

Advocate for our members to live their best lives

By helping their families and circles of support get the most from a member’s benefits

Use an integrated model of care

To ensure efficient, high-quality health care that brings value to our members, providers and the states we serve

Develop innovative technology

To enhance member care and improve health care quality outcomes

Stay flexible

To meet states’ needs and the needs of our members and their circles of support

Remain accountable

To the states we serve and to our members and their circles of support

Demonstrate empathy in every interaction

By facilitating appointments, streamlining requirements and placing the well-being of members at the center of our decisions

Helping providers serve our members

Helping providers serve our members

We’re proud of our strong team of providers. We make sure they have all the tools and resources they need to tackle today’s complicated health issues. They help our members get the most out of their Medicaid benefits. And live their best lives possible.


Getting involved in our members’ communities

Learn more about how we’re getting involved at the local level. And how we’re working to solve some of the complex issues faced by today’s members.


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