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Understanding CHIP costs

Are you or your child eligible for the Pennsylvania Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)? If so, you may enroll in one of three types of coverage: free, low cost or full cost. Learn more about your coverage options, premiums and how to pay them, if needed. 

Types of CHIP coverage  


The coverage type that you’re eligible for will depend on your family’s size and income. 


You will not have to pay a monthly premium or copays if you’re eligible for free CHIP.

Is your household income above the free CHIP limits? If so, and you’re eligible for low-cost or full-cost CHIP, you’ll need to pay a monthly premium and copays.

You’ll be required to pay the first month's premium to enroll in low-cost or full-cost CHIP. Thereafter, you’ll receive a monthly billing statement from Aetna Better Health® Kids.

More about premiums

More about premiums

Premiums are the monthly payments that you pay to Aetna Better Health Kids for CHIP coverage.


Those enrolled in low-cost or full-cost CHIP will receive a monthly bill for the upcoming month’s coverage (for example: you’d receive a bill in April for coverage in May). Members with free CHIP coverage don’t need to pay a premium.

Need to pay a premium for your coverage? If so, you’ll want to do it on time. 


What happens when you don’t pay on time?

If you don’t pay your premium by the due date on the bill, you’ll lose CHIP coverage and be disenrolled as a member. After that, you’ll have 90 days to pay all past due premiums to reinstate your enrollment. 


If you don’t pay within that 90-day timeframe, you’ll need to reapply for benefits. Premiums won’t change within the 12 months of enrollment unless you request a reconsideration.  

Keep your contact info up to date

Make sure that any info we have from you, such as your address and phone number, stays current. If needed, you’ll receive monthly invoices and premium change notices from us at your address on file.


Questions? Call us at 1-800-822-2447 (TTY: 711).



How to pay your premium

Need to pay your premium? You have a few options:


You can pay by credit card or debit card using the Aetna Better Health Kids payment system.

By phone

If you have your member ID and invoice number, you can call our automated line at 1-877-222-2004 (TTY: 711).


By mail (check or money order)

You can make your check or money order out to Aetna CHIP and mail it to:
Aetna Better Health Kids
PO Box 785656
Philadelphia, PA 19178-5656

In person

You can pay in person with cash, credit or debit card at select retail stores. Just scan the barcode that comes with your monthly invoice when you visit a store.

More about paying at select retail stores (PDF)


For your security and protection, the Aetna Better Health Kids payment system is provided by Citibank N.A.

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