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Waiver services — supportive living programs

Aetna Better Health® of Illinois covers the waiver services included in the Supportive Living program but does not pay for room and board. We cover the following services for our members:

We will help members get:


  • Access to a nurse

  • Ancillary services 

  • Opportunities to exercise

  • Personal care services

  • Their medication on time

We also help members with:


  • Daily checks 

  • Housekeeping services

  • Laundry services 

  • Maintenance services 

  • Managing their funds (if applicable) 

  • Safety by providing 24-hour security and an emergency call system 

  • Social and recreational activities

Aetna Better Health collaboration with supportive living programs (SLPs)

Aetna Better Health of Illinois will work directly with supportive living programs to identify and address care gaps and opportunities. We’ll develop, share and collaborate on members’ comprehensive care plans. And partner for assistance with member care coordination for physical health, behavioral health, and psychosocial needs. Any change in condition the member experiences is to be communicated to the Aetna Better Health care coordinator.


The Supportive Living Program, as well as Aetna Better Health of Illinois, works with other SLPs to conduct assessments. This includes a resident assessment instrument (RAI) and service plan that is completed by the Aetna Better Health of Illinois care coordinator in conjunction with the member, anyone the member identifies as someone they would like involved, and any SLP staff.  

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