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Notices and Newsletters

We want to make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest news and other important information regarding Aetna Better Health® of Illinois. We’ll post important notices and updates regarding our health plan here.

Here are some important notices we’ve gathered to help you:

February 2024 


HCBS waiver reminders (PDF)



January 2024 


Register for our 2024 Provider Summits (PDF)


Redetermination claims process (PDF)


Clinical, payment and coding policy changes (PDF)



December 2023


2024 Pay for Performance program (PDF)


UPDATED: HBIA/HBIS member population effective 1/1/24 (PDF)


Payment of claims related to hysterectomy and sterilization claims (PDF)


New Medicaid claims and encounters front end edits (PDF)



November 2023


Hospice nursing home room and board adjustments and repayment sunset (PDF)



September 2023


ESRD claims denials (PDF)


Clinical payment, coding and policy changes: Q3 2023 NPP Review (PDF)


Clinical payment, coding and policy changes: Q3 2023 PUR Review (PDF)



August 2023


1135 Waiver bulletin (PDF)


PT44 configuration (PDF)



June 2023


Itemized bill submission (PDF)


Monovalent COVID-19 vaccine codes (PDF)


E&M code denial error (PDF)



May 2023


Supplemental Data Exchange (PDF)



April 2023 


Clinical, payment and coding policy changes (PDF)


T1016 benefit limit (PDF)



March 2023 


Reconsideration tracking numbers in Availity (PDF)


Telehealth claims denials from local public health clinics (PDF)



February 2023


New platform for electronic payment and remittance (PDF)


Age restriction rejection notice (PDF)



January 2023


Pathways to Success behavioral health program (PDF)



November 2022


Change in timeframe for grievance and appeal retro-authorization (PDF)



October 2022


Referring provider rejection notification (PDF)


COVID-19 treatment options letter from IDPH (PDF)


Hospice nursing home recoup and repayment (PDF)



September 2022


Claim denials and front-end rejections (PDF)


Long-Term Care Facilities telehealth originating site fee (PDF)


T2003 Billing Update (PDF)


Claims from Behavioral Health Clinics and Community Mental Health Centers (PDF)



August 2022


Out-of-network benefits notice (PDF)



July 2022


Policy updates: Clinical, payment and coding policy changes (PDF)


FAQ for SNIP Level 3 and 4 Edits (PDF)


Claims: Untimely submissions and mailing address (PDF)



June 2022


Precertification optimization effective 8/1/2022 (PDF)


Pediatric COVID vaccination (PDF)


Provider Education: Coding Validation (PDF)



April 2022


Medicaid precertification optimization notice (PDF)


SNIP Level Editing Notice (PDF)


2022 Medicaid Pay-for-Performance (P4P) Program (PDF)



March 2022


Outpatient Dialysis Provider Notice (PDF)




February 2022


March Vision Care Claims Address Change Notification (PDF)



January 2022


Provider Portal Sunset Delay Notice (PDF)


HEDIS Supplemental Data Channel Instructions (PDF)



December 2021


Resubmission of Misdirected Vision Claims Notice (PDF)


2022 NEXGEN Updates (PDF)




Pay for Performance Payout Information (PDF)



November 2021


Availity Reporting Capabilities Bulletin (PDF)


Availity MVP Sunset Notice (PDF)


Regulatory Compliance Addendum (PDF)


Telehealth Claims Notification (PDF)



October 2021


Provider Demographic Data Verification Notice (PDF)


Holiday Check Run Schedule Notification (PDF)


State Compliance Addendum (PDF)


Edit 915 Provider Notification (PDF)



August 2021


Follow Up After Hospitalization Measure Modifications for HEDIS (PDF)



July 2021


Historical IlliniCare Claims Run Out Notification (PDF)


Invalid Claim Denials Notification (PDF)



June 2021


Aetna Checks Returned Notification (PDF)


Availity Portal Information (PDF)


T1502 and T1019 PA Requirements (PDF)


H0039 PA Requirement (PDF)


Peer to Peer Policy (PDF)



May 2021


SCCP Announcement (PDF)


Claims Xten Buletin (PDF)


LTC 90 Day Max Benefit Denial Bulletin (PDF)



April 2021


Hospital Inpatient Reminder (PDF)


Long Term Care Biling Reminder (PDF)


Hospice Providers Reminder (PDF)


Pathology Denials (PDF)


Hospital Denials (PDF)


HCBS Waiver Providers Reminder (PDF)


BH Code Denials (PDF)


Availity Announcement (PDF)


March 2021


Resume Timely Bulletin (PDF)


H0047 Claims Denial Notification (PDF)


EOP Denial Ambulance H2H Transportation Claims Notification (PDF)


EOP Denial BH Claims Notification (PDF)


2021 Pay-for-Performance Program Details



February 2021


Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (PDF)


OB Ultrasound Policy Notification (PDF)


Cologuard Service Prior Authorization Notification (PDF)



January 2021


Notification on MLR Reporting (PDF)


Changes in Prior Authorization Requirements (PDF)


Correct BH Forms Notification (PDF)


Correct Prior Authorization Fax Number Notification (PDF)



December 2020


Changes to Encounter Clinic Billing Requirement (PDF)


Paper Claims Submission and Check Run Notification (PDF)


Correct Payer ID for Claim Submissions (PDF)


Prior Auth Training and Video (PDF)


Pharmacy Roster Rejects Notification (PDF)


Check Run Pay Dates Notification (PDF)


HFS Practitioner Fee Schedule Notification (PDF)


Prior Auth Delay Notification (PDF)


Welcome to ABH-IL Letter (PDF)



November 2020


Hospice Reminder (PDF)



August 2020


Invalid EXx8 Denial (PDF)


DRG Location (PDF)


Hospital to Hospital Billing (PDF)



May 2020


Electronic Claim Training (PDF)

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