Aetna Better Health’s formulary drug list

The formulary drug list is a list of drugs that are generally covered under the plan as long as they're medically necessary. The formulary also lists the availability of generic substitutes. The formulary can change. You can see a list of added or removed drugs by reading the formulary updates.

You now have the ability to search for drugs using our new  Formulary Search Tool. Searches can be performed by drug name or by drug class. The tool will provide formulary status, generic alternatives and if there are any clinical edits (Prior Authorization, Quantity Limits, Age Limits etc).

Ask your doctor to review the Formulary Drug List for any restrictions or recommendations regarding prescription drugs before prescribing a drug for you. Then, make sure you get your prescriptions filled at an Aetna Better Health network pharmacy. The Member Handbook tells you how much you have to pay for your medicines based on your pharmacy benefit.

You can learn about potential drug interactions, side effects and risks of the medicines you take. Just visit Krames Online and MedlinePlus.

Find a pharmacy provider

You can find the location of an in-network pharmacy by visiting the CVS Caremark pharmacy locator. This allows you to search for a pharmacy by zip code so you can find a location close to you.

Specialty medications

Specialty medications are for a variety of conditions, such as cancer, hemophilia, immune deficiency, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. They can be filled at any network pharmacy, but not all pharmacies may carry these medications. All specialty medications require prior authorization. If filled at a specialty pharmacy specialty medications can often be delivered to the provider’s office, member’s home or other location as requested.

Other drug lists