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Mountain Health Promise

Supporting foster and adoptive families

We’ve been serving the Mountain State since July of 1996. We’re excited to offer our services to foster and adoptive children in the Mountain Health Promise program. At Aetna Better Health of West Virginia, we’re proud to help children and their circles of support live their best life in the years to come.  We have over 200 employees living right here in your communities. Like our case managers, who will support you and focus on your child’s medical and non-medical needs. Our large, local network of over 11,000 providers gives you access to the care you need. We have great extra benefits like

  • After-school program credits
  • Tablets and laptops for qualifying teen
  • 24/7 information line
  • High school diploma assistance

For more information see our FAQ page.

Aetna Better Health of West Virginia

At Aetna Better Health of West Virginia, we believe in improving every life we touch as good stewards to those we serve. We believe in delivering care through a collaborative approach. We partner with providers who deliver quality and effective care to achieve the best outcomes for our members. Our programs encourage members to take charge of their health. Through our care management program, members set goals for their health.  Our team of case managers, providers and caregivers work with the member to help them achieve their goals. This benefit comes at no cost to the member.

We also encourage members to give us feedback for improving our health plan. Members can participate in surveys or focus groups. They can e-mail us or serve on our Health Education Member Advisory Committee. By engaging our members and providers, we can work toward making the Aetna Better Health experience even better. 

Aetna Better Health Opioid Program Helping Moms and Babies

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