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What to do if you need a doctor while on Medicaid

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Oh. I got this one.

With two active kids at home, I'm no stranger to skinned knees, sore throats and the occasional random toy part stuck up the nose. Thankfully, my kids and I are covered by a Medicaid plan from Aetna Better Health. And since the pandemic, many doctors have been doing video visits so you don't have to go into their office. I did one last week when my youngest decided it was a good idea to launch a video game controller at his brother. Just call your kid's pediatrician and ask if they offer telehealth visits. If they do, then your plan covers it.

Looks like we got another question!

Don't stress if your kid gets sick on the weekend or late at night when your doctor's office is closed. For minor things like a twisted ankle or runny nose, you can go to an urgent care center or a walk-in clinic. And for simple health care questions, you can call Aetna Better Health's nurse line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The questions just keep on coming. Mm-hmm.

It's much quicker to go to an urgent care center. You don't need an appointment. And you can usually see a doctor or nurse in less than an hour. Walk-in clinics and urgent care centers help with minor health problems and can get prescriptions, vaccines, X-rays, or other health care screenings.

Oh, and about the elephant in the room -- coronavirus -- if you have symptoms, make sure you call the doctor right away.

Alright. I think that about covers it. Got to make sure my boys aren't messing up the house.

If you are experiencing minor health problems, an urgent care center or walk-in clinic is the quickest and easiest option. Medicaid may even cover telehealth visits so you don’t have to leave your home.

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