Children's Health

Aetna Better Health provides services to help your child grow up healthy and happy. The services you can receive depend on your child’s age and program. Check your member handbook for details.

Keeping Your Baby Healthy

Keeping Your Child Healthy

Keeping Your Teen Healthy

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Well-child checkups

Children grow and change quickly. It is important your child visits a primary care provider (PCP) on a regular basis even when he or she is not sick. These visits are called well-child checkups. We offer well-child checkups for children from birth through age 20 as a covered benefit for our members.

During a well-child checkup, your child’s PCP:

  • Does a complete physical exam
  • Checks your child’s growth and nutrition.
  • Checks your child’s vision, hearing and teeth
  • Gives shots as needed
  • Orders lab work (for example, a blood test) as needed
  • Gives you and your child information about your child’s health

Make a note of the following ages for well-child checkups.


  2 years

  11 years

  By 1 month

  2-1/2 years

  12 years

  2-3 months

  3 years

  13 years

  4-5 months

  4 years

  14 years

  6-8 months

  5 years

  15 years

  9-11 months

  6 years

  16 years

  12-14 months

  7 years

  17 years

  15-17 months

  8 years

  18 years

  18-23 months

  9 years

  19 years


  10 years

  20 years

For more information on raising a healthy child

Safe Riders Traffic Safety Program can provide you with helpful information about child passenger safety. For more information, please call Safe Riders at 1-800-252-8255.