Women's Health

Aetna Better Health wants you to stay healthy. One of the best ways you can stay healthy is to schedule a yearly well-woman checkup. These visits are covered through your benefits as an Aetna Better Health member.  

During this checkup, your provider will do a:

Cervical cancer screening (Pap test) to check for cervical cancer
Pap test - Women aged 21-65 should have cytology (Pap smear) every three (3) years. For women 30-65, extended screening to every five years (5) is appropriate after three satisfactory normal results and a negative human papillomavirus (HPV) co-test.

Breast Cancer screening
- Breast exam to check for breast cancer
- Mammogram - Women over 40 are recommended to have a mammogram each year. Mammograms detect breast cancer early. Talk to your doctor to see if you need a mammogram.
- Bonnie’s Bus is a Mobile Mammography unit that offers mammograms in the community. You can access a schedule to find an event in your area.            

You may not have any signs or symptoms of these problems. Getting a well-woman checkup each year can help catch problems early, before they become difficult to treat. A woman’s health can change quickly. That’s why it’s important to schedule a well-woman checkup each year.

You can call your primary care provider (PCP) to schedule a well-woman checkup, or you may call an OB/GYN. You do not need a referral. We have both male and female OB/GYNs available. Search online at Find a Provider.

Being active and eating well is also important to staying healthy. Good nutrition and exercise can help control your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

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