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Apply for Kentucky Medicaid

Kentucky Medicaid is the name of Kentucky’s Medicaid program. If you qualify for Medicaid, it’s time to start your application. You can enroll anytime.  

Get ready to apply

Get ready to apply

You’ll need about 30 minutes to complete the application. Before you start, have this info ready:


  • Employer and income information: household monthly income, pay stubs and W-2 forms 
  • Social Security numbers or document numbers for each household member applying 
  • Date of birth for each household member applying for coverage  
  • Immigration info, if it applies (some noncitizens may qualify to enroll, depending on state rules)
  • Photo ID, if you’re applying in person 
  • Policy numbers for any current health insurance  

Start here 


You can choose from two options: 


Visit the kynect benefits site to apply.

Apply now

By phone

To apply by phone, you can call:


Enroll in a health plan 

Enroll in a health plan 

Once you submit your application, DCBS will review it. They’ll see if you’re eligible to receive Medicaid benefits. Some people are required to take part in the Kentucky Medicaid Managed Care Program. If so, they’ll enroll you in a managed care organization (MCO). This is a type of health plan. We’re one of the MCOs that provide Medicaid benefits.


You’ll get a welcome packet in the mail after your application gets approval. The next step is choosing Aetna Better Health® of Kentucky as your health care plan. 


Learn about what's covered

Want to renew or switch your plan?

You always have options. And if you’re already enrolled in Kentucky Medicaid, you can switch your health care plan to Aetna Better Health of Kentucky. 


Learn how to renew or switch


Just call Member Services at 1-855-300-5528 (TTY: 711).

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