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Sign up for our personalized, secure member website. You can use the site to manage your plan benefits and meet your health goals. The site lets you:

  • Change your doctor
  • Update your contact information
  • Find forms or get new member ID cards
  • View your personal health history
  • Track your health goals
  • See the status of your claim

Get personalized health information

Tell us about your health. We’ll let you know what your risks are and where you can improve. Then get access to the healthy lifestyle tips and self-help tools. They can help you meet goals like quitting smoking and weight management. You’ll also get the chance to track your progress on your way to hitting your goals.

Research prescription drugs

Get help accessing pharmacy benefits and services. Find out how much a drug costs or ask for a drug not covered by your plan. You can also find a pharmacy in your area or learn more about a drug from a pharmacist.

Find support

Have a health question? You can message a registered nurse anytime – night or day. Or do you have a health concern that needs special support? We can get you started on a disease management or wellness programs. Just complete a health record or a screening to find out if you qualify.  

For more information about these health tools, you can view our Member Handbook.

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Keep in mind you’ll need your health plan member ID and a current e-mail address to create an account.

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