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By AJ Murphy

I think I'm pregnant. What should I do?

If you’re not sure if you’re pregnant, make an appointment with your primary care physician (PCP) right away. They can give you a pregnancy test. It’s important to get care early if you’re pregnant. You will need to start special vitamins (folic acid) right away. You can call Member Services and we can help you:

  • Choose a PCP or obstetrician/gynecologist (Ob/Gyn) for your pregnancy (prenatal) care
  • Get into special programs for pregnant members, like childbirth classes 

If you’ve already chosen your pregnancy provider, call them to make an appointment. They’ll tell you how often you should see them. Early and regular care is very important for your health and your baby’s health.

Your PCP or Ob/Gyn can help you:

  • Get regular pregnancy care and services
  • Join special classes for moms-to-be, such as childbirth or parenting classes
  • Learn what to expect during your pregnancy
  • Find information about good nutrition, exercise and other helpful advice
  • Learn about family planning services for after your baby is born

Helpful tips for pregnant women

We want you and your new baby to be as healthy as possible. Here are some of the ways you can keep yourself and your baby healthy during pregnancy:

  • Keep all your appointments. Your PCP will let you know when you need to come in for another visit.
  • Go to childbirth classes. They are free and will help with your pregnancy and delivery. Ask your provider how you can sign up for them.
  • Don’t smoke, drink alcohol or take certain medicines. Your PCP can teach you what you can and can’t put in your body while you’re pregnant.
  • Ask your provider if you need a blood test for lead exposure. Older houses and toys can often have lead paint. High levels of lead can harm you and your unborn child.

What should I do after my baby is born?

After your baby is born:

  • You should see your Ob/Gyn within six to eight weeks
  • You’ll get a well-woman checkup to make sure you’re healthy
  • Your PCP will talk to you about family planning

About the author

AJ Murphy is an evocative young writer who grew up in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood. AJ began his writing career at Alaska Ice Rinks Inc. in Anchorage, AK, where he also drove a Zamboni and took care of outdoor hockey rinks.

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